Powerful and Free GC_PF17 640x480

On-Demand Replays and Recordings from the Powerful and Free Conference


On-Demand Replays and Recordings from The Passion conference with Heidi Baker, Wesley and Stacey Campbell and Will Hart

Eyes and Wings Boston 2017 Banner2b 640x480

Recordings from the Prophetic Convergence Boston Conference

Elijah List Banner_2-640x480

Recordings from the “What is God saying for 2017?” Conference

Global Celebration SL 2016 640x480

Recordings from Supernatural Life- Living in the Culture of Heaven

Amy Coello Journey Into Your Dreams 9976 Logo 640x480

Journey Into Your Dreams: Live Online Dream Interpretation School

Global Celebration The Shift 2016 DS_640x480

Recordings from “The Shift” conference Live from DC with Strategic Prayer and Prophetic Declaration

East Texas Revival_16

Free Two Day Revival Web Stream

Eyes and Wings HP2016-Banner-640x480-2

Recordings from the High Point Prophetic Conference with Patricia King, Wesley and Stacey Campbell, Bobby Conner and John Perks

Eyes and Wings Pittsburgh 2016 KFgraphic1-640x480

Recordings from the Greater Faith Pittsburgh Conference – Lou Engle Bobby Conner, Wesley and Stacey Campbell and Matt Sorger

Elijah List Katt 640x480

Recordings from Encountering Heaven with Kat Kerr



KF Revival Nights 640x480

Recordings from the Breakthrough School of Ministry and Revival Nights

Mantle of Power Unlimited Banner- 640x480

Recordings from “Unlimited” with Shawn Bolz, Larry Randolph Rick Joiner and More

Global Celebration Powerful Free LA 2016 Banner -640x480

Recordings from the “Powerful and Free” Conference with Georgian and Winnie Banov, Patricia King and more!

Eyes and Wings Kelowna 2016 KF Banner -640x480

Let the Eagle Gather Live Web Stream – Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson and Wesley and Stacey Campbell

Lance-Player - 640x480

Recordings from The Kingdom Wealth 2016 Conference

Global Celebration Indy 2016-Banner-2-640x480

Recordings from the Prophetic and Healing Encounter- Georgian Banov, Wesley Campbell, and Chris Gore

Eyes and Wings San Clemente-Banner1-640x480

Recordings for the Eyes and Wings Apostles and Prophets Unite Conference

Storehouse Dallas 2016 Conference Banner 2 640x480

Recordings from the 2016 Dallas Prophetic Conference with Lana Vawser and Jason Hooper


Recordings From the 2016 Chicago Prophetic Conference

EL2016 Banner-640x480

Recordings are Now available for the “What is God Saying for 2016?” Conference


Recordings from the Powerful and Free Supernatural Life with Heidi Baker Georgian Banov Danny Silk and John Garcia


Recordings from the Trifecta 2015 Conference with Joseph Garlington Tony Kemp Katie Souza and Paulette Polo

Global Celebration Firefall Detroit-2015-640x480

Recordings from the Firefall Conference with Georgian Banov, Lance Wallnau, Mark Chironna and Eric Johnson

Eyes and Wings Feast 2015 Banner 2 640x480

Recordings Now Available- Feast of Tabernacles Revival Meetings

Eyes and Wings kingdom-flame-banner-PITTSBURGH-correct 640x480

Recordings from the Eyes and Wings Pittsburgh Prophetic Conference

eyes and wings kingdom-flame-banner-TEXAS2015 640x480

Recordings from the Eyes and Wings Dallas Prophetic Conferece 2015

Restore ECLC 2015 640x480

Recordings from the Eagles Wings “Restore” East Coast Leadership Conference


Recordings from the “Rise” Conference Larry Randolph, Rick Joiner, Shawn Bolz, Steve Swanson and Paulette Polo

Healing and Prophetic Fire HPF-640x480

Recordings are now Available from the Healing and Prophetic Fire Conference!

KF-Vancouver- KF-Banner1-640x480

Recordings from the Eyes and Wings Vancouver 2015 Prophetic Conference

KF-North Carolina Banner1-640x480

Recordings from the North Carolina Prophetic Conference


Recordings from the 2015 Chicago Prophetic Conference

Eyes and Wings California KF-Banner1-640x480

Recordings are available of the Eyes and Wings California conference!


Recordings from the Supernatural Marriage and Matchmaking Conference


Recordings from the Kingdom Wealth Conference Are Now Available


Recordings from the What is God Saying for 2015? Conference are Now Available


Free Live Prophetic Worship Event!

Main Banner 2 550x413

Recordings from the Healing Signs and Wonders Conference are Now Available!


Recordings from the Prophetic Word Conference- Stacey Campbell, Georgian Banov, Shawn Bolz and more


Recordings from the Eyes and Wings Pittsburgh Prophetic Conference with Heidi Baker, Chuck Pierce and Wesley and Stacey Campbell

Go-Banner 640x480

Recordings from Go Nashville With Heidi and Rolland Baker Lou Engle James Goll and Lyle Phillips

062114-eyesandwings crop 640x480

Recordings from the Eyes and Wings Detroit Prophetic Conference with Lou Engle Patricia King and Wesley and Stacey Campbell


Recordings from the Ignite! Conference with Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda and Bill and Beni Johnson

041914-mantleofpower 640x480

Recordings from the Insight Prophetic Conference with Larry Randolph, Bob Hazlett Sharon Stone and Paulette Pollo

TOL_1 640x480 crop

The Overcoming Life Web Stream with Graham Cooke


Eyes and Wings Kelowna Prophetic Conference Recordings are Now available!


Recordings from the Open Door Conference with Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, Lance Wallnau and Barbara Yoder


Recordings from the “Unity- A Call To Action” Conference are available

Conference Graphic 640x480

Recordings are now available for the East Texas Prophetic Conference

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