Major Announcement – Introducing Kingdom Flame 2.0

Dear Friends,

Janet and I are thrilled to share the vision for a major update to Kingdom Flame with plans to multiply the number of people reached by this ministry TEN FOLD or more over the next 36 months!
We have so many new things planned that we have decided to call the new plan “Kingdom Flame 2.0” in celebration of NEW vision, NEW Christian content and NEW audiences impacted for His Kingdom!
Don’t worry – The powerful live events we already are famous for will continue to be a major part of Kingdom Flame – In fact, a number of you have emailed commenting on the major technology and video quality improvements for our Live conference events that we have already rolled out beginning in January.

The Vision – When the Lord showed Jan and I to focus on Internet Media back in 2008 most people thought we were crazy. We were among the first ministries to offer live streaming of events, actually having to build our own servers to deliver the broadcasts! Fast-Forward to today, where Internet Delivery platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, You Tube and Facebook Live are now challenging Broadcast and Cable media. We were way ahead of our time in Christian Media, and over the years, Kingdom Flame has quietly added a 24×7 TV station and built up our own studio.


We don’t see ourselves competing with Broadcast and Cable Christian Channels like TBN, CBN, God TV and such. These are all powerful ministries and have great impact for Christ. But the Huge costs of broadcasting to that market mean that MOST Ministries and many UP AND COMING new voices just can’t afford to be there. On the other hand, there are thousands of churches an ministries putting out “selfies” – live videos made with cell phones and tablets direct to Facebook or Twitter.

But we see a huge Gap between the two. We feel it is our calling to help fill the gap between the High-Dollar Broadcast Networks and the “Selfies”. Our Internet Format allows us to reach virtually every country 24×7 at a fraction of the cost of the Broadcast networks. And our Studio and the impressive collection of Cameras and Gear financed by our Live Events gives us broadcast quality at a fraction of the cost of big networks. Here are some areas where we will be moving into:

New Audiences with more free content – We are planning a TEN FOLD increase in the content we release of Social Media starting with our existing Facebook channel, with You Tube and Twitter/Periscope channels coming.
New Free Programs – We already have 8 new The Edge programs in the works soon to be broadcast. Watch for an announcement of New Weekly Teaching and Discipleship programs and NEW short Videos from Major Ministries already seen on Kingdom Flame just to reach the Billions on Social Media.
New Webinars and Online Classes – We are planning a major update to the Kingdom Flame website, to further improve access to our Paid conference content and online classes, including a brand new online classroom system.

The opportunities are unlimited. But we need your help. Here are some of the areas you can help:

We need New Partners, One-time Donations and Corporate Sponsors to help fund this vision. We will always be partially self-funding missionaries, with our great paid conference content and recordings. But, to reach the Billions on social media, we need free content as well, and that means we need donors from within the Christian Community.


We need new programs – Do you have a existing Christian program or is it your vision and destiny to create one? Your existing program could be part for our TV station and On-demand lineup, and our LOW COST studio and production costs can assist you in creating professional programs for Web Delivery – In addition to classic “Church” and “Teaching” programs, and we are looking for new “non-religious” (meaning attractive to a non-church audience) that shows how to do business, life, finances, relationships, government or a hundred other areas, all from a Christian World view. We aren’t talking Seeker sensitive here – Kingdom Flame has always UN-ashamedly promoted the Gospel. But we don’t just want to touch just church people, we want to win the IDEA war that is fighting for the hearts and minds of all of the UN-churched people out there in all “Seven Mountains” of society.


Kingdom Flame needs to add additional staff and several volunteers and Interns to make this vision a reality. Paid Staff will come as we raise additional funding, but we have a right-now need for volunteers: Video Editors and Producers, Camera Operators, Administrative Help, Website help, and Intercessors are needed now. For Some we need people in the Dallas area, but many of our volunteers work remotely using the Internet. Please contact us if you are interested

From time to time you will see new updates and announcements as Kingdom Flame 2.0 unfolds. Please pray with us for continued grace and guidance from the Lord, and for the People, the Content and the finances that we need to fulfill this vision. If you would like to be part of this, just reply to this email. To help us to immediately with our plan, you can click the donate link below. We have an immediate need for several thousand dollars in the coming month, and every dollar donated helps us reach the world.


We also need monthly partners. By signing up as a monthly partner with automatic donations, you can provide the steady, monthly support that keeps Kingdom Flame broadcasting in between the major conference events. As always, our partners receive complimentary access to our regular live streams, extended on-demand access to our last TEN events, Reduced-Cost admission to schools and other special events, (usually half price) and 40% off of recordings. To get unlimited access to a never ending supply of the latest Apostolic and prophetic content and Amazing Live worship, starting at only $10 a month, just click the button below.


With your help can fulfill its destiny to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and All people groups!

Thanks and Many Blessings!

Dave and Janet