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   Voice of Truth TV with Dr. Sandra Weppler has now joined the Kingdom Flame TV Lineup of programs! Look for new episodes each week on Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM USA Central time, and at other days and  times as part of our weekly programming.

You can also view episodes of Voice of Truth in Sandra’s Channel on Kingdom Flame in our On-Demand video area HERE.

Dr. Sandra Weppler is an upcoming Canadian Author, Keynote Speaker, Prophet and Seer. She has served on pastoral teams at TICC in Toronto, and worked in an outreach program for troubled youth with Toronto Police with them. She has worked as a Christian Counsellor for 7 years restoring marriages, working with youth, conducting inner healing sessions, and bringing souls to Christ through her counselling practice in Canada.

Dr. Sandra Weppler’s prophetic gifting has been validated by her church leaders and pastors in Pickering, Mississauga and now in Kitchener-Waterloo at Catch The Fire where she and her husband Dwayne Weppler are on the leadership team.

Dr. Sandra Weppler has a PhD in Psychology with a major in Biblical Counselling and Theology through Trinity University in Indiana, United States. Dr. Sandra Weppler has established her identity as an incisive, passionate communicator that finds the balance with the Word and the prophetic. She is a modern day revivalist at heart, that believes God’s spirit is moving and brooding over nations bringing signs, wonders and breakthrough again into the earth as in the days of Jesus.

Dr. Sandra Weppler is the Founder & host of Voice Of Truth Prophetic TV and believes that women are partnering with like-minded men all around the world in the frontlines with God to bring revival in these last days for the kingdom of God. Her mandate is to take the father’s voice to the nations along with her husband Dwayne Weppler. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada.


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