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Welcome to the Live Web Stream Subscriber Page for Kairos 2019 on Kingdom Flame. The broadcast begins 11 AM on October 3rd 2019. We will begin the live stream about 10 minutes early. If the video does not start automatically on your device, just click the “Play” arrow above. Note- The Player above will only work once the Live Broadcast starts. If you miss a live session, replays will be available a couple hours after each session on the previous page.


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Broadcast Schedule:
Important- All Times are USA Central Time


Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Session 1 -11AM
– Dr. Dennis Lindsay
– Matteo Calisi

Session 2 – 1:30PM-5PM
– Bishop J. Lee Slater
– Dr. David Cole
– Mike Herron
– Archbishop Sean Larkin
– Walter Matthews

Session 3 –  7PM-9PM
– Christ for the Nations Worship
– Matteo Calisi

Friday, October 4th 2019

Session 4 – 8:30AM-12PM
– Fr. Timothy Creemens
– Dr. Jan Skrehot
– Marcus Warren
– Bishop Wayman Ming

Session 5 – 1:30PM-5PM
– Lou Engle
– Mike Herron
– Nancy Honeytree
– Shelley Elizabeth Sorgini
– LaDonna Taylor
– Randy Delp
– Pat Allen
– Pastor Donna Slater
– David & Rachel Pyles

Session 6 –  7PM-9PM
– Baruch HaShem Synagogue Worship
– Rabbi Marty Waldman

Saturday, October 5th 2019:

Session 7 – 8:30AM-12PM
– Ron Riggins
– Will Ford
– Dan Almeter
– June Hunt

Session 8 – 1:30-5PM
– Greater Dallas Coalition Mass Choir
– Fr George Montague
– Jim Surace
– David Cook
– Ron Woodcock
– Kathy Hodge Dudley
– Dick Leggatt
– Rebecca Walls
– Pastor Jacky Stephenson
– Pastor Donald R. Parish
– Pastor Chris L. Simmons
– Karen Garnett
– Bishop Rev. Dr. Trevor D. Alexander

Session 9 – 7PM-9PM
– Christ for the Nations Worship
– Rev. Kenneth Copeland


 (Schedule is tentative and subject to change)


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