Here are a couple of Edge Episodes demonstrating how we can make professional broadcasts with a combination of in studio and zoom or skype call in, plus pre-recorded speakers. We adjust/enhance the feed from the zoom call and blend it in real time with the audio-video mix from the studio.

Episode 158 has guest James Goll. James has a nicer camera and microphone than a standard laptop. We also play out live several pre-recorded videos. This was recorded live and went out live instantly.

Episode 156 has guest Dr. Theresa Phillips. Theresa is using a nice laptop webcam… The video quality (for Theresa) is representative of what you would expect for call in panelists. The viewers would be watching the live stream using a video player that looks just like this. If we add the streams for the two translators that also will be an option, just the audio will be in Portuguese or Spanish.


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