The Hope Encounter Seminar with James Goll

The Hope Encounter Seminar

With Instructor James W. Goll
co-hosted by Rachel Tucker

Saturday, June 27th 2020,
10:00 AM to 4:30 PM CDT

Broadcast by Live Web Stream by

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Topics Covered:

 Why Me, Lord?!

 Avoiding the Downward Spiral

The Power of Hope

 The Metamorphosis of Change

Establishing Core Values

 From Victim to Victor

Commissioned as a Hope Ambassador

Also including special hope testimonies.

Special Bonus Combo Offer – You can optionally add the companion book that the seminar is based upon, “Tell Your Heart to Sing Again” and the CD “Never Alone” to your Registration to enhance your seminar at a Combo price!


Bonus One – a copy of James’ brand new book
Tell Your Heart to Sing Again
( a $17.00 Value)


Bonus Two – a copy of the Never Alone – Music CD – Sung by James W. Goll
(a 15.00 value)


If you select one of the optional Combo Offers your resources will be shipped to you when you order so you can enjoy the book and CD before the seminar


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