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I was thinking today about foundations. Anytime something is built or created there is a foundational feature that it is built upon. A new book or song will be built upon an idea, an inspiration. For those who work in science, discoveries and breakthroughs are built upon a theory, and that is then tested to see if it will hold up. Whenever we build a building, we have learned over time the structure must be built upon a solid foundation if it is to prosper and last…
If you are looking to buy a home, a traditional house, built upon a foundation, sells for two or three times what a mobile home sells for. The mobile home may have the same number of bedrooms and floor space, and its walls are made of the same wood construction, and may even come with a piece of land, but without the firm foundation underneath, it goes for a fraction of the price.


In the Cartoon Movie “Cars” the old tow truck “Mater” once had the line:
“I’m happier ‘n a tornado in a trailer park!” Someone even made this Mime you can find on Pinterest * .

When I saw this in the theater, the audience roared with laughter at this line. Sometimes we laugh at things when they hurt a little, because we don’t know what else to do with the thought. How many of you have seen horrifying footage of a trailer park leveled by a storm? I’ve had my roof destroyed in a storm, so I know how serious this is… But still I laughed. Our hearts may go out to the families devastated, but our minds take note that “a foundation is better”. In fact, it is because the audience knew this that that this joke was so funny to them.

In Matthew Chapter 7 Jesus had some things to say on this subject:

“Everyone who hears my teaching and applies it to his life can be compared to a wise man who built his house on an unshakable foundation.When the rains fell and the flood came, with fierce winds beating upon his house, it stood firm because of its strong foundation.

Our very lives are built upon core beliefs and ideas. Some translations of this verse use “the Rock” instead of the word “foundation” for this verse. If you grew up in church maybe you have heard the old hymn entitled “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less”. In it, the composer Edward Mote pens these lyrics with the famous chorus many will recognize:

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus Christ, my righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand,
All other ground is sinking sand

Jesus went on to say:

26 “But everyone who hears my teaching and does not apply it to his life can be compared to a foolish man who built his house on sand.
27 When it rained and rained and the flood came, with wind and waves beating upon his house, it collapsed and was swept away.” (Matt 7:26-27 TPT)

Notice Jesus said “when” the storm, the wind, the waves came, not “If”. Every adult has come to know the hard way that there are storms in this life. Indeed, it is not “if” but “when” we will face trials, maybe financial challenges like poverty or loss of a job or failure of our business. Perhaps our life is turned upside down, and we must leave our home and move across town or across the country. Sometime sickness or accidents touch our lives us, or even take the life of a family member.

I testify to you that I have personally have experienced all of these things. Like that house Jesus spoke of, I was shaken as these storms battered my life, but I was not broken, because my very life is built upon the Solid Rock, is built upon The Truth, who IS Jesus the Messiah. I KNOW that He came to this earth to break the power of sin over mankind. Because I believe in Him, all my sins and failings have been washed away, as if they never happened. He has restored me. He was by my side when I had money, and He provided for me at times when I was without a job or worried about how to buy groceries. He comforts me when I grieve, and he guides me when I feel lost.
When I had covid19 I had this conversation with the Lord:

“If this goes badly and my time here on this earth is drawing to an end, I’m OK. And if I recover, I will continue to follow you and serve You. My Life is in YOUR Hands”.

I knew that no matter what happened in that storm I would be OK.
When the same disease recently took from us a much younger family member it was very hard. I miss my friend. But I know I will one day see her again. She loved the Lord and has passed from this life into eternity with Jesus.
You see, no matter what storms life throws at you, if your life is built upon Jesus Christ, no financial trial, no sickness, no disease or even death can really harm you.
Of course, I weep when things are hard and look the worst. Like anyone else, there are times when the dark night weighs heavily on my soul. Friends, the recent months have shaken many of us in many ways.
If your life is not built upon a relationship with Jesus, you may feel tossed to and fro by the waves, but I say to you that THIS is the time to trust in Him as savior and Lord and begin building a new life on The Rock that will not be shaken.
Even if your life IS already built upon a relationship with Jesus, but you feel a little tossed about by all the crazy events this year, maybe its time to take a few minutes to make sure we are solidly anchored to the foundational “Rock” of Jesus. As busy as many of us are, it is easy to not stay charged up in the Spirit. Here are a couple of the ways I re-anchor my soul when I feel a bit tossed about with the storm:

A) Read the Word… This is a place where I recommend the Old-school written word, not a video or audio message. For me it seems like God can speak to me from the written word, but a video dominates my mind so I may not hear that still, small voice of the Lord.
B) Take a worship break – I like to do this in my car when driving alone… I like to sing but not everyone appreciates “My Joyful noise”. Put on some worship music and just worship Him… As you do, His presence will comfort and bring peace to your soul. When you get to where you are going, your situation may still be the same but the way you look at it can be transformed.
C) Go For a walk- I sometimes will go for a “peace walk” where I take a few minutes to commune with the Lord… I don’t mean serious prayer and intercession… Colossians 3:15 say that we should Let the Peace of Christ Rule in our Hearts, and that we should be thankful. Turn Off the phone, get away from the TV or computer, and just have a few quiet minutes. Take action to allow a few moments to allow God’s peace to rule in you. I sometimes do this at lunch time to re-set the second half of my work day.. If you work at a secular job, this is a great way to re-focus on the Lord and His Kingdom. In doing so, you are positioned and available should the Lord desire to use you in that place, whether it is in a big way, or small way, in a visible way, or as a hidden agent of the King in the workplace.

For those of you who know Jesus, when the darkest night and wildest storm shakes you, reach out to Jesus. We have His promise that He will provide for Us, Comfort us, Heal us and prepare a place for us in eternity. No Matter, and I again I say NO MATTER what comes, our lives are hidden in Jesus. As I pour out my trials to Him, He answers me and raises me up. As the scripture says:

Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning.
(Psalm 30:5b NASB)

Remember the literal promise of the Lord:
For hasn’t he promised you, “I will never leave you alone, never!
And I will not loosen my grip on your life!” (Heb 13:5 TPT)
Friends, I pray that the Peace of Christ will rule in your hearts.

That’s Kingdom Insight for Today.



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