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Session Information


Session 1:

Glenisaah Stauffer: Experiencing Tabernacle Prayer

​Session 2:

Ella Chirinos: Purity: The Well of Magnificence
​John Burpee: Tapping into Your Well
​Lois Koss: We Are the Wells
​Pam Gould: Releasing Dreams

​Session 3:

Hannie Baker: The Significance of Pentecost
​Anne Baker: God’s Creative Wells of Shavuot
​Barbara Nelson: Wells Overcome Dirt
​​Bonnie Latham Lyon: Revelations from Daily Prayer Calls in the Spirit

​Session 4:

Craig Hill: Awaken to God’s Ancient Path
​Dr. Sandra Steen: First Love Reset
​Bret Wade: Coming into a Deep, Constant Awareness of Christ
​Michael-John Toste: Raising Up A New Breed of Champions to Shape the Course of History

​Session 5:

Missy Simms: The Well that Never Runs Dry
Ella Simms: Come to the River
Cheryl Townsley: 3 Powerful Questions to Unlock Wisdom
Roger Gauthier: Wrap- up with a bow on top!

​Session 6:

​Empowering You Workshop to bless you, your calling, the E2000 family, and the E2000 network Plus a Surprise Tribute to Dr. Joseph Peck


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