Pentecost Awakening Online Broadcast Page

The Live Portion of the Event is completed. Replay Videos and session information are available below. Additional Resources are also available by clicking the “Awakening Resources” button.

Session Information


Session 1:

Glenisaah Stauffer: Experiencing Tabernacle Prayer

​Session 2:

Ella Chirinos: Purity: The Well of Magnificence
​John Burpee: Tapping into Your Well
​Lois Koss: We Are the Wells
​Pam Gould: Releasing Dreams

​Session 3:

Hannie Baker: The Significance of Pentecost
​Anne Baker: God’s Creative Wells of Shavuot
​Barbara Nelson: Wells Overcome Dirt
​​Bonnie Latham Lyon: Revelations from Daily Prayer Calls in the Spirit

​Session 4:

Craig Hill: Awaken to God’s Ancient Path
​Dr. Sandra Steen: First Love Reset
​Bret Wade: Coming into a Deep, Constant Awareness of Christ
​Michael-John Toste: Raising Up A New Breed of Champions to Shape the Course of History

​Session 5:

Missy Simms: The Well that Never Runs Dry
Ella Simms: Come to the River
Cheryl Townsley: 3 Powerful Questions to Unlock Wisdom
Roger Gauthier: Wrap- up with a bow on top!

​Session 6:

​Empowering You Workshop to bless you, your calling, the E2000 family, and the E2000 network Plus a Surprise Tribute to Dr. Joseph Peck


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