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Mission Statement: Kingdom Flame International is a ministry dedicated to taking the Gospel to every nation, primarily using Media and the Internet. We desire not only to win souls for Christ, but also to provide discipleship and training materials and to provide other Kingdom-Minded organizations access to our Private Audio and Video Streaming platform.

Background and History

Kingdom Flame International was founded by Dave and Janet Cranfill in 2006. We are non-denominational, Elder-Governed  Christian Ministry. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity, with publicly disclosed financials.

  As a pioneer in developing some of the very first cell phones, Dave recognized the unprecedented opportunity to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus, knowing  one day most of the world’s population would have a smart phone in their pocket.

  Kingdom Flame was among the very first ministries to begin streaming live video events in 2008. In those days, there were no companies providing live streaming services. Kingdom Flame leased their own server at a data center at the Chicago Board of Trade, using experimental live streaming software that could reach anywhere on the planet.

   We began streaming Live Broadcasts on Saturday Nights with Worship, Teaching and Ministry. Other ministries soon wanted to play, and Kingdom Flame added additional servers to power a number of ministries.
 In 2014, we added 24/7 internet TV station, and began powering clandestine radio stations in nations where the Gospel was strictly forbidden.

   In addition to our own programming, Kingdom Flame serves as a producer to provide turn-key broadcast support for Christian Conferences and Schools throughout North America producing as many as 18 events in a year. Need a broadcast partner for your event? Send us a message down below to explore possibilities!

      Kingdom Flame opened its first Studio in 2016, a small 900 SF facility that could not support a Studio/Live Audience. We moved into our second studio, The “Glory Barn” in 2021, a 40 x 50 ft metal Building ‘Party Barn” that we re-tasked as a studio. This larger facility supported a studio audience of 30 people, and Kingdom Flame began producing its own events and online schools.

    Fast Forward to Today – Our Website, KingdomFlame.com, resembles a Christian Netflix, with thousands of free and premium videos available. We have over 12,000 people on our online community. We continue to provide streaming and media hosting servers to multiple ministries.

   Recently, Face Book, Twitter and You Tube have begun ‘De-platforming” Christian Ministries that do not bow to THEIR agenda. As a non-profit, independent ministry, we can can partner with you to augment or replace these platforms to make sure that you AND the Gospel in UN-Cancellable.

   We currently are developing Kingdom Flame Asia, seeking collaborators and content creators to stream live and on-demand Christian content into India, Pakistan and China in their native languages.

    In September 2022, we moved into a new studio, that when completed, will be able to seat 100 people, allowing Kingdom Flame to produce larger schools and events and to house a larger staff needed for new initiatives.

   We are seeking additional team members, including musicians, intercessors, social media specialists, video editors, camera operators, administrative help and hands-on helpers, plus individuals, ministries and businesses to partner with us financially so that we can be strong and fully empowered in this world-changing vision.


If you would like to learn how to partner with Kingdom Flame or want to know more about us, our vision, or capabilities, please reach out here and leave us several ways to connect. Blessings!

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