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Recordings from the Eyes and Wings Vancouver 2015 Prophetic Conference

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Recordings from the North Carolina Prophetic Conference


Recordings from the 2015 Chicago Prophetic Conference

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Recordings are available of the Eyes and Wings California conference!


Recordings from the Supernatural Marriage and Matchmaking Conference


Recordings from the Kingdom Wealth Conference Are Now Available


Recordings from the What is God Saying for 2015? Conference are Now Available


Free Live Prophetic Worship Event!

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Recordings from the Healing Signs and Wonders Conference are Now Available!


Recordings from the Prophetic Word Conference- Stacey Campbell, Georgian Banov, Shawn Bolz and more


Recordings from the Eyes and Wings Pittsburgh Prophetic Conference with Heidi Baker, Chuck Pierce and Wesley and Stacey Campbell

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Recordings from Go Nashville With Heidi and Rolland Baker Lou Engle James Goll and Lyle Phillips

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Recordings from the Eyes and Wings Detroit Prophetic Conference with Lou Engle Patricia King and Wesley and Stacey Campbell


Recordings from the Ignite! Conference with Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda and Bill and Beni Johnson

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Recordings from the Insight Prophetic Conference with Larry Randolph, Bob Hazlett Sharon Stone and Paulette Pollo

TOL_1 640x480 crop

The Overcoming Life Web Stream with Graham Cooke


Eyes and Wings Kelowna Prophetic Conference Recordings are Now available!


Recordings from the Open Door Conference with Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, Lance Wallnau and Barbara Yoder


Recordings from the “Unity- A Call To Action” Conference are available

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Recordings are now available for the East Texas Prophetic Conference

Come away 640x480

Live Web Stream- “Come Away” Women’s conference with Bonnie Chavda, Barbara Yoder and more!

EL2014 Banner 640x480

Live Webstream- What is God Saying for 2014?

Prophetic Fire Player Image 1 640x480

Media Recorded at the Prophetic Fire conference featuring Mahesh Chavda, Bob Jones and Barbara Yoder

Chicago hub 640x480

Media recorded at the Chicago Hub 2013 Conference, with Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, Nathan Morris, Duncan Smith and More!

Conference Thumbnail 540x400

Media from the Jesus Revolution Conference with Cliff Pash, David Cranfill and Dustin Smith

Presence player 640x480

It’s all About the Presence with Heidi and Rolland Baker, Daniel Kolenda, John Eckhardt and More!

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Media from What on Earth is God Doing? With James Goll, Mickey Robinson and Charles Stock


Media From What is God saying for 2013? with Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Garris Elkins and Bobby Haaby

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