Powerful and Free Conference with Georgian and Winnie Banov, Patricia King and more!


Powerful & Free Conference – Torrance, CA

Was Broadcast Live June 2 – 4, 2016 on Kingdom Flame

with Georgian & Winnie Banov, Patricia King, Brian & Candice Simmons, Jerame & Miranda Nelson, Gabe & Monica Ahn, Julie Meyer and more!
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Powerful and Free Boxed DVD set
Powerful and Free Boxed DVD set
This Boxed DVD set includes all sessions recorded at the conference in DVD Video Format.
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Powerful and Free MP4 Video Data Disk
Powerful and Free MP4 Video Data Disk
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Powerful and Free MP3 Audio Data Disk
Powerful and Free MP3 Audio Data Disk
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In this current move of God, one of the notable things that is happening is a new wave of recognition for women.

The Joshuas and Calebs of today are leading the troops into possessing the earth and advancing the Kingdom, and so many of these planet shakers are women!

The spotlight of Heaven is shining on them with favor and approval, proving them to be equally valuable partners — valid and important as ministers in the body of Christ, as well as top leaders in the market place.

Men, come and join us at this event in support and encouragement. Let us lift up our wives, sisters and daughters to step into the supernatural realm of their glorious destinies.

During this conference you will:

Hear God’s heart in the scriptures.

God has always worked in and with women in unique ways. Hear promises from His Word and heart that are just for you. See age-old stories in a whole new way, and let His passion for you impact you forever.


You were not born to walk in the shadows; you are made in the image of God. Every part of you is custom crafted for your assignment and to receive and reflect His love. God says “let me see your facelet me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely.” Song of Solomon 2:14. Unearth your identity; don’t hide it! Be freed to walk in it with fullness!

Find your place. 

God has good plans towards you – plans to prosper you and to bless you. Long before the foundation of the earth, God longed to manifest His heart and His purposes specifically through you. You are called to disciple nations, and all of creation is longing for you to step into the place that God has created for you. Find your place and take it with boldness.

Love, lead and walk with honor.

You are clothed with strength and with dignity. God has marked you with His nature and His power for the benefit of everyone around you. Discover the power and grace that He wants to release in you, learn how to partner your gifts with a wider community, and use it to change the world around you.

See God demonstrate Himself through modern female leaders. 

Get up-close-and-personal with ladies who are feeding the poor, teaching nations, and unveiling the Word in powerful ways!

Experience His favor and mercy. 

Join in special times of worship. Experience His favor and grace. Let His heart minister to yours, breaking off shame, lies and fear. Allow Him to show you what He sees in you and your future. And thank Him for His goodness and His graciousness as we gather to lavish praise on Him.

Tap into the power of teamwork. 

God’s original plan for leadership began with a team: A man and a woman together. God purposed men and women together to govern over the earth, to fill it, and to reveal His nature. (In the beginning, He created them in His image; male and female He created them.) Learn how to connect with the women around you, how to work with them to bring out the best in your family, community, teams, and world around you.

Unleash the potential and power of women around you. 

Encouragement, love, support, motivation, friendship – You have so much to offer those around you. See how Jesus as a servant leader lifted up all of humanity, and how you – as a leader – will reveal His nature and power by lifting up others around you. When we lift up the women around us, we’re lifting up EVERYONE ELSE that they impact as well.

Watch powerful couples and teams in action. 

Get a firsthand look at spouses & teams working together for God’s glory. See the impact of unleashing the culture-creators and the connectors on a community. And find ways to unlock the women around you to be all that they were destined to be.

NEWSFLASH! This conference is NOT just for women. 

So, Men, husbands, friends, bosses, and team leaders:  We love because He loved us first. Every great woman had someone championing her, encouraging her, and dreaming with her. Friends, family, team members, spouses… This is for all of us together. Make no mistake: We’re not gathering in a room for a feminist rally. We’re joining together as a FAMILY with a common goal. We’re learning how to empower and encourage vital members of our community and shifting culture as a result. Let’s go!





Note- All times are USA Pacific


Thursday – June 2nd

7:00 pm – Evening Session

Friday – June 3rd

9:00 am – Morning Session
2:00 pm – Afternoon Session
7:00 pm – Evening Session

Saturday – June 4th

9:30 am – Morning Session
2:30 pm – Afternoon Session
6:30 pm – Evening Session


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