Kairos 2017

So the World Will Know Him

Kansas City, MO.
October 24-26, 2017

Lou Engle, Wesley and Stacey Campbell, Che Ahn,
Kenneth Copeland, Mike Bickle, Bonnie Chavda, John Arnott,
Gordon Robertson and over 30 MORE Amazing Speakers!


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"Kairos" Boxed DVD set
This is a boxed DVD set with 13 DVDs from the conference.
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Kairos 2017 Video + Audio Download
Kairos 2017 Video + Audio Download
Includes BOTH the MP4 Video and the Mp3 Audio files from this event in a downloadable zip file. Use this to play the audio or video files on your Computer, Tablet or Smart TV Cell Phone or Car! Note - This is a large file, >10 Gigabyte. We recomend you use a computer with high speed internet to download.
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In October 2017, this will be an historic conference with leaders from Catholic, Protestant & Orthodox Churches. This year is a year of destiny. We believe that GOD is calling His people to unity in Christ, as Jesus prayed in John 17. “…so the world would believe that GOD sent His Son.“ This unity is not about doctrines, but on spiritual unity, recognizing the contributions of each diverse group, the hope of which can bring healing and revival to the nation!

Come & Experience this Pivotal Event in History where Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Leaders set aside their differences to reconcile 500 years of Forgiveness.

Enjoy this powerful lineup of well-known and amazing speakers and social reformers as we all grow and emerge together, including Keynote Speakers Cardinal DiNardo and Kenneth Copeland.









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